Digital Marketing Apprenticeship? Completed it✅

level 4 apprenticeship

What a perfect way to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, by completing my Level 4 apprenticeship in Social Media and Digital Marketing with Brave Little Tank!

If you haven’t read my previous blogs on why I became an apprentice, or my journey through my Level 3 diploma – You should read them now! 😄

Why did you choose to complete your Level 4 apprenticeship?

I learnt a lot from my Level 3 apprenticeship, but there were also topics which we only covered briefly, and I wanted to know more about.

I chose to complete my Level 4 apprenticeship to go further in-depth into the subject. And it’s safe to say, the course did not disappoint!

Thankfully, I didn’t have to go through the whole ‘new business’ scenario that many other apprentices have to, as Anthony and Chris kept me on at BLT to help me achieve my Level 4 Diploma!

How has it compared to Level 3?

This past year has probably been the most intense so far, regarding my apprenticeship coursework. Everything I complete needs in-depth evaluation – as to exactly what I am doing, and why – along with planning, launching and evaluating full campaigns and projects.

At some points it did seem very overwhelming, but thankfully I had everyone in the office to help me when I got stuck and needed a bit of advice!

What are the main benefits of completing a second digital marketing apprenticeship?

As part of my apprenticeship course, I attended 3AAA Academy once a month to complete ‘in house’ assignments.

In my first year, there were around 15 other students at the academy, all attending to complete their Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. But when I attended the first day of my Level 4 apprenticeship, there were only 3 other students!

Everyday is a learning opportunity, and there is so much about the wonderful, ever-changing internet to keep up with – I think most of you can relate.

The reason I wanted to complete my level 4 apprenticeship was because I knew that I wanted to learn more about how marketing online can evolve with new technology and platforms, and how a consumer’s journey can be affected by the marketing methods performed.

I think the main benefit of going on to Level 4 is that I now have a really good grounding to start my professional career from. Staying on to complete an advanced level shows my commitment to constantly learn and develop my knowledge.

The big Q – How has it been working at BLT?

Imagine this…

☺ A relaxed environment to reduce workplace stress.
☕ Endless cups of coffee to keep up the brain power and awesome work created.
🙋 Friendly colleagues and management who are always happy to help.

Having fun at Brave Little Tank

I have worked in offices before, and none have been as fun or as motivating as BLT. I am constantly learning new (and slightly random) facts from everyone here, especially Anthony who has knowledge about a LOT of things. Whether it’s marketing and data information, or something random about space… It’s truly a great atmosphere to be a part of.

(And no, they haven’t bribed me to say any of this 😂)

What next?

When I came towards the end of my course, I knew I had to make a decision about what I wanted to do next. I was keen to stay on at BLT, so that meant a conversation with Chris and Anthony to convince them they should keep me on. I was a little nervous, as it’s a bit like asking for a promotion, but I was confident I could continue to help the business.

Thankfully they thought so too, and I’m happy to say I will be moving into a permanent role!

Now that I will no longer be an apprentice, my weekends won’t be full of coursework any more! As I’ll have some extra time on my hands, I have decided to start my New Year’s Resolutions (a little bit late, I know, but better late than never). I’ve decided to re-learn how to play my guitar, as well as teaching myself how to knit. Be prepared for many updates on social media of knitted things arriving in the office!

But for now, let the celebrations begin! 🎊