Brave Little Tank Burn Rubber at Charity Track Night

Basepoint Chatham

Last Thursday we enjoyed a team Go-Karting event to help raise money for The Friends of Wisdom Hospice.

The Wisdom Hospice promotes the relief of suffering and the treatment of adults in Medway and Swale with life-limiting illnesses. The FOWH hold a huge variety of events throughout the year, from coffee mornings to Grease sing-a-longs, to raise money for this incredible organisation.

Our adrenaline fuelled evening was hosted at the famous Buckmore Park where drivers such as Lewis Hamilton, Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell honed their skills. It was also proudly sponsored by Basepoint Business Centres, who promised to double the amount raised at the end of the evening!

It’s Go Go Go!

Team Brave Little Tank consisted of directors Anthony and Chris, as well as our apprentice Maddie, the guys suited up and prepared themselves for the 90-minute endurance race, competing against 20 other teams. After a humorous but informative safety meeting, each driver had a practice run of 3 laps, giving them a chance to get to know the track and our kart – Lucky Number 8!

Although our fastest practice time came in at a decent 0.58.476s, we knew we needed to up our game. With Jo cheering the team on and looking after the drivers in the pits, all whilst doing her best to capture pictures as they whizzed past, we felt confident we could climb up the board.

Brave Little Tank on the Grid

Chris was first on the grid, and quickly worked his way up from 18th to 10th place, before swapping with Maddie for the middle section of the race. It may sound easy enough, but fifteen minutes into a half hour sprint and there are muscles in your arms that you didn’t even know could hurt! Thankfully our tired drivers were refuelled with a delicious pulled-pork dinner and plenty of refreshments.

Fast as a Cheater

In the spirit of charity, there were opportunities throughout the night to get ahead of the competition by donating money. Teams could add laps to their own score or remove laps from other teams, so as you can imagine the evening became very competitive!

Whilst Anthony took charge of the final section of the race, putting in some great lap times, the rest of the team helped out with donations to ensure we achieved a respectable 5th position as the final chequered flag waved.

Brave Little Tank Go-Kart Evening

Racing towards the Finish Line

We really enjoyed ourselves on and off the track, and had a great time meeting the other teams taking part – whether super competitive or just there to enjoy the experience and support a wonderful charity. Overall, it was an incredible night and we certainly found that go-karting is Chris’ secret talent! Just take a look at our best lap times: Chris – 0.53.670s, Anthony – 0.54.414s and Maddie – 0.59.231s.

After the race there was a large raffle and an auction with some amazing prizes, all of which helped further increase donations. By the end of the night, the event had raised an incredible £3,500, with Basepoint generously matching the amount, that means a grand total of £7,000 for the Friends of Wisdom Hospice.

If you would like to make a contribution yourself, you can head over to the Friends of Wisdom Hospice’s donation page, or why not have some fun and attend one of their other great events, we can certainly recommend it!