Behind-The-Scenes With BLT’s Very Own Intern

Digital Agency Keyword

Hello, my name’s Rachel and for the past month and a half I have been working with the Brave Little Tank team as their Digital Agency Intern!

A little bit about me

I’m currently a third-year student studying Media Communications with Film, Radio and Television at Canterbury Christ Church University and as part of my work placement, I have been working within BLT Digital Agency to build upon my existing knowledge of digital marketing and content creation.

The first week…

From the get-go, the whole team have been welcoming and accommodating in providing me the materials and advice essential for getting the most out of my work placement. On my first day, I was tasked to find eye catching and appealing infographics that could be used for client market research. I had to create interesting descriptions and captions for client pages that could help easily direct the customer on where to go on the website.

I was invited to a networking event that day at Sun Pier House, held by the Kent Foundation, where local business owners talked about their experience running a business, with one of the speakers being Anthony Bliss (BLT’s own Commercial Director). It was really insightful to listen to small businesses talk about how they got started and how the Kent Foundation had helped them through their advice and mentoring services. It was also a great way to connect with other local businesses and get to know people in the industry who had all had different experiences.

Networking Event

Repetition is important for consistency

Over the following weeks, I had gained experience using Mailchimp to test out email marketing by building up an email from assets given to me to meet the criteria of the client. This was really fun to complete once I got the hang of it and I really enjoyed being able to learn how to tailor an email to a specific brief.

I was tasked with analysing the social media analytics of the company to identify which types of posts receive the most engagement and noting down what direction the company should take in terms of boosting their social media engagement, as well as scheduling posts to go out on Coschedule. Though I had already done similar things in the past, it was interesting getting to work more with google analytics from a company’s perspective as their Digital Agency Intern.

I even got a Certificate!

During my time at BLT, I have gained a Google Ads Search qualification which required lots of note taking and covered Google ads display, video, shopping ads and ads measurement. This gave me more of an insight into the different types of ads on google platforms and how they are measured. I have also built up my confidence in my writing ability as well as working autonomously on projects and I have found that this has really helped with my learning.

Ads Search Certificate


SEO? Nailed it!

Maddie, who is a badass Marketing Assistant, has been key in my understanding during my time at Brave Little Tank. She has explained things in detail to me, provided me with examples to learn from and answered every question I had to the best of her ability. She tasked me with keyword researching and understanding SEO, which helped me with researching and writing a blog post on WordPress (Which has really improved my basic knowledge on the CMS). Both of these tasks pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I surprised myself with how much fun I had with them whilst also strengthening my content creating skills.

The final thoughts on my internship

Reflecting on my time at BLT, I really couldn’t have asked for a better work placement with such a lovely and friendly team. It has been refreshing working in a relaxed environment, where you can wear what you want and have Disney days with songs from all the Disney classics playing as you work. It has been great getting to know the team and seeing how important each of their roles are in keeping the cogs in the BLT machine turning, and I feel like I have learned a lot whilst being here as a Digital Agency Intern. It’s definitely an experience that I won’t forget and I am so grateful to the BLT family for taking me under their wing.

The team