Introducing Another New Member of the Team!

Jo Ware

It’s an exciting time here at Brave Little Tank, with two new recruits starting within two months of each other.

If you haven’t already met Maddie, BLT’s brilliant new apprentice, why not have a read of her blog! Once you’ve gotten to know our other member of the Brave little Tank team.

So, who are you?

Hi there, my name is Jo. I’ve actually been working at Brave Little Tank for three months now, but the guys have kept me so busy, I’ve only just had a chance to write my first blog post!

I am the youngest of 4 sisters, although saying that, I am in fact speeding towards my 30th birthday in December, which is mildly terrifying (probably more so to my long-suffering Dad…)

I have had a passion for Art and Design for as long as I can remember; I come from a creative family and so have always been indulged in my artistic interests. A big inspiration was my Grandad who used to work in restoration at Leeds Castle, I have some of his old typography and heraldry books and love using them.

How did you end up here?

I met director Anthony at Maidstone KIAD (shortly before it became part of UCA) where we both studied photography. I then went on to complete a degree in Three-Dimensional Design, this time studying at the Farnham campus of UCA.

After finishing my course, I worked for a long time in retail, specialising in Visual Merchandising, which I really enjoyed. I later moved into more admin-based (sensible, grown up) roles in the Training sector. However, as you may be aware, both of these industries are subject to a high risk of redundancy, and I suffered it in both.

It was time for a change, and to get back to my creative roots – with the huge developments in Digital Marketing and Social Media, this industry jumped out.

What do you do at BLT?

My main role here is Social Media management, this means everything from writing, scheduling and curating content for clients, to posting photos, videos and updates across all social media channels. One of the great benefits of Brave Little Tank is that we work with a range of clients so I get to research and write about a variety of themes and topics, this suits me down to the ground. I’m really looking forward to developing our Social Media department and working with more businesses to help them make the most of their Digital Marketing channels.

And in your spare time?

Outside of the office, I have somewhat contradictory interests…

The Light Side – Papercraft, Sewing, Cake Decorating, Calligraphy and Disney!

Jo's Girly Interests

And The Dark – Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Action, Superheroes and General Geekery!

Jo's Geeky Interests

Goals for future?

I’m really enjoying focusing on Social Media, however, I’d definitely like to learn more about the wider aspects of Digital Marketing in future. With the huge advances in video and VR these are really exciting times for the industry and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.