Welcoming Aboard Our Newest Team Member

Introduce yourself!

Hi there! My name is Louise, and I’m here at Brave Little Tank volunteering as an entry-level Junior Developer. I joined 2 weeks ago and I’m hoping to gain some industry experience under the watchful eye of lead developer Sean… who is a very patient mentor!

I made my first website around 10 years ago when I started a little cake decorating business. I used this platform to show off my cake creations and to gain more business. Back then I had no idea how to code, so I used a simple template building website. From then on I was making websites for friends, family and businesses and even though they were fun to make, I found them to be quite restrictive at times.

Fast forward 8 years…I met up with a good friend who is a senior developer and we embarked on some fun projects and that’s where my coding journey began.

So at the age of 40, I decided to take on the mammoth task of learning to code… so you’re never too old to learn new skills and embark on a whole new career!!

Why Team Tank?

I was attracted to Brave Little Tank through their website, which is the perfect mixture of playful yet professional. I enjoyed seeing their portfolio of clients and loved reading their variety of blog posts.

Having had a little business of my own I know how important branding, marketing and an effective online presence can be, and I can see that everyone at BLT cares a lot about their clients. After chatting to Chris and Sean about BLT’s values and what they offer their clients, I knew that this would be a great company to work for.

What makes you, well, you?

I’m a well-travelled person and have seen quite a lot of the world after working for Emirates as a first-class air-hostie – which also entailed living in Dubai. Over the last 10 years, I lived in Spain where I learnt a lot about the Spanish culture, language and traditions (my favourite was their daily siestas).

I have a tiny teacup chihuahua who is my entire world and he goes everywhere with me, he even has his own passport. And no, I never got to sneak him onto any of my flights.

I’m a MASSIVE foodie, and I think I only joined Emirates so I could travel the world and taste the local dishes wherever we stopped over. Plus, working in first class, I had the amazing added bonus of being able to eat lobster tails and scallops like they were sweets.

My favourite food by far is Thai and Asian food. My grandfather, being Chinese and a chef, opened my world to cooking – so you’ll find me happily rustling something up in the kitchen.

I love playing tennis and heading off in the motor home for the weekend to explore the surrounding areas.

Any goals for the future?

My aim is to become a senior developer within the next 10 years and continue learning new skills and coding languages to progress in my career. I am excited to have been given the opportunity to gain experience at BLT and hopefully become an valuable asset to the team.