12,025 visitors on our single page website, between Monday 21 October 2013 to Thursday 21 November 2013.

The traffic to our single page website on the Wednesday was a modest total of 14 visitors, the very next day 453, by Friday we had cleared over 1100 unique visitors and the graph was still climbing.

Ten & Bourne 2013

It was that first Monday when we’d just launched our simple but elegant, single page website. Designed just to list our services and give a brief explanation of how we work, it was the only public reference to our newly formed company and built purely to capture leads from interested businesses, and deliver them into our inboxes.

I’d love to claim that we optimised the hell out of that site, or made meticulous adjustments to the way our visitors found and interacted with us, but it would be outright bs lies.

We didn’t optimise for search engines, we didn’t split test or throw money at paid listings, incredibly we’ve barely promoted ourselves in the last two years, so where did all that traffic come from?

The power of design done right.

We have been riding a wave of traffic for the last twenty-four months, and all of that traffic came directly from the appreciation of web design done right.

Thebestdesigns.com, abduzeedo.com and a plethora of other website design galleries featured tenbourne.com as part of a showcase of well executed, simply styled websites. The comments, votes and shares earned us a snowball effect and the rest was history.

This traffic was not all bounce rates and ego boosts either.

Welcoming new leads from around the globe, from people who had seen our site and been given the confidence to confirm that we were the right team for their project; interest came from afar, including Egypt, America and Japan.

Design is not the be all and end all of websites, but we think this helps illustrate what good design on its own is capable of doing.

If you’d like to see what the right design can do for your project, give us a shout.

Note: As of the 22 of July 2015, the total traffic delivered from the campaign now exceeds 30,000 visits.