What made us who we are

Anthony winning agency Rising Star Award
Chris setting up company event

There is no straight path to success, our founders have had some highs & lows, twists, turns, tried and failed learnt. The one key driving force that kept them pushing throughout the journey is their passion & determination.

Their paths first crossed when they both found employment with an automotive web management company. Their love of cars and all things digital, meant they would thrive in the young agency. Anthony taking a while to settle, exercised his skills between departments, uncovering his passion in marketing and product development. His innovative mind set soon found himself part of the digital solutions team and leading some of the company's analytical products. Chris, ever set on design, worked his way up through the creative departments before switching to marketing communications and handling the company's overarching brand as lead creative.

Founders dressed up for Bangers4BEN
2011 —

The beginning of an end

The two found themselves working together on a number of internal projects, some never to see the light of day but some made it through. A car search engine, analytical software, dealer portal and social competition platform being the pairs most memorable projects. It was winning an internal competition using the social competition platform that they found themselves travelling to Maranello the home of Ferrari together in an old Volvo V70 for the charity event Bangers4BEN. Having many hours to pass while driving through the swiss alps, they discussed their ideas about running their own agency. This, is where it all started.

Nerfin like a little fun
Anthony presenting GigOwl at 3Beards
Chris discussing business plans with mentors at DotForge
2012 —

The city of steel

The seed had been planted and the itch slowly began to grow. It didn't take long before in 2012 the pair took the leap and waved goodbye to their fruitful careers to pursue their own dreams. A marketing agency wasn't the first thing on their minds, with a barrel of options the duo earned themselves a place on a new startup accelerator program, DotForge in early 2013. With seed funding and plethora of mentors their live music market place, GigOwl was born.

Three intense months pushed them mentally, bombarding them with information. Even after having their business plans torn apart by some of the UK's best business minds, multiple sleepless nights, they managed to seek victory in Sheffields Urban Festival, Tramlines. The organisers used GigOwl to fill stage slots at one of their long standing venues, Penelopes. Looking forward, the duo didn’t feel they had a viable business or scalable product, so rather than seeking further investment or trying to pivot, the pair decided to call it a day, closing the business and looking for their next project.

Writings on the wall
2013 —

Defeat was not an option

Many might accept defeat at this point,choosing to seek employment, but the pair were determined to build their own successful company by taking advantage of their past experience and knowing what they did best, marketing.

Ten & Bourne was founded in September of 2013. With no clients out of the gate, they took a bold move and put a deposit down on an office space. Using their skills and expertise quickly found themselves a fresh new client base. After an exhausting first year, the pair realised they had to narrow their service offering. Identifying what their customers wanted more and what they didn't. One thing that started to show wasn't working, was the brand. The refined services, company direction and knowing how effective good brand messaging can make a difference, it was time to freshen up. The partners wanted something that would reflect their ambitious yet measured approach. Something that would better communicate their core values. Something a little more playful and quirky, creating the brand that became Brave Little Tank.

Brave Little Tank picking up two awards for their work with Sony
Anthony thinking hard about shutting the blinds
Chris pretending to be working
2016 —

Rolling ahead

The past two years have seen us evolve and craft our own paths. Helping many business, whether small local companies or large global corporations, find better digital solutions. Improving their websites, marketing and communications to uncover their full potential. As we continue to grow, we seek new challenges, we have more questions and more answers. This is where we are now and it's only just the start...