Display & Retargeting

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Display Advertising

Display Targeting advertising is an amazing way to increase the visibility of your brand to a huge audience, whilst still delivering low cost per acquisition leads. 

Display adverts are passive forms of advertising, placing brand and product awareness of your business in the places where your prospects and customers ‘hang out’ online.

There are number of ways Brave Little Tank can work to build an impressive set of creatives to target different customer segments ensuring you are visible to millions of users across the Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail ads.


To re-engage with individuals in the research and consideration phase, Brave Little Tank offers retargeting for clients who make extensive use of Paid Advertising. These visitors have already shown interest in your brand by visiting your website, so we target them by reminding them of the products they viewed on your website, encouraging them to return and become customers.

Customers often visit your website through a number of different marketing channels before converting, retargeting helps to consolidate visitors into a more refined funnel and speed up the time to conversion.

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