Website Audit

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A great starting point for most businesses will be taking the time for a complete CRO audit of a key and high traffic section of their website.

There are many different landing pages for visitors depending on their intent and current place in your sales pipeline, which is why we offer a Conversion Rate Audit.

A complete website or single page conversion rate audit by senior designers will identify language, imagery layout and design issues in your homepage, product pages and other important pages and include heat maps of high traffic areas to confirm current visitor behaviour.

Our recommendations can then be implemented to improve conversion rates throughout the website. CRO Audits are often useful as part of an initial digital strategy with a new client and help to prioritise on-going website development.

We use these audits to capture visitors and funnel them to specific touch points throughout a website. Generally website traffic follows the path of least resistance, in a similar way to a stream of water trickling over land.

A huge part of conversion optimisation is removing any barriers or obstacles that prevent visitors from reaching the places we want them to visit, whether that is due to design, technology or general visibility.

Conversion optimisation is normally advised to be carried out with paid search to control the flow and quantity of traffic before investing heavily into content and SEO marketing.

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