Strategy Meetings

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Understanding your existing sales funnel is crucial in defining an effective marketing strategy and planning your marketing.

By tackling this early on, we help to create an online experience that captures prospects, increases visitors and guides them into becoming happy, paying customers. Brave Little Tank can work with your business to plan your digital marketing strategy, inbound marketing and advertising budgets.

We’re a results-driven agency, so working closely with your business we’ll help you fit a marketing plan that scales with your market size, objectives and budget.

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The most important aspect of any marketing plan is identifying what your business needs to achieve. We identify objectives and measurable goals, giving you a baseline for progress on your traffic, engagement, conversion and sales. With this we can forecast potential outcomes, potential revenue and how to get there.

Understanding your market includes your competitors, our competitive analysis will highlight how your business performs online compared with other businesses targeting the same market and customers. This can identify surprising competitors when compared against geographic locations.

Marketing Performance Dashboard

Measuring online marketing performance with Brave Little Tank is made easy, our Marketing Performance Dashboard gives you live reports of easy to digest key performance indicators, traffic sources and rankings for your website.

Quarterly Meetings

A full digital marketing strategy will include quarterly face to face meetings, invaluable strategy sessions which cement a close working relationship between your company and ours. These strategy meetings provide reflection and debriefing of the past three months progress, opportunity to maximise upcoming progress to the business and a way to ensure that goals are being met or kept in-line with how your business is evolving.

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