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For businesses who might have had experience with bad link building practices in the past and Google’s constantly refined search updates

Your business could face a world of pain through penalties and de-indexing from organic search results because of bad link building.

The world of search engine optimisation is constantly evolving, quick wins from five years ago can land you in serious trouble now, sometimes through no fault of your own, less than savoury websites may target you or have cropped up over the years.

Our SEO Cleanup service provides a full audit of a website to visualise the backlink profile and identify potentially dangerous websites from ‘bad neighbourhoods’. If any nefarious results are found, the offending domains can be disavowed directly with the search engines, or where possible approached to remove their records of pointing to your website.

As part of any major digital strategy with Brave Little Tank, we will always include a full audit of your backlink profile so that we can address any issues from right the start.

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