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SEO to Improve Search Engine Rankings

The obvious goal for search engine optimisation is to improve search engine rankings, however there are a number of multiple strategies that should be implemented in order to maximise the return of search engine ranking optimisation.

At Brave Little Tank, SEO begins with brand optimisation. You should be dominating the first page of Google for your own brand name. As part of a thorough onsite optimisation plan, your website and social profiles will be optimised to ensure visitors are finding you where they expect.

The second phase of optimisation makes use of a solid keyword strategy to identify short term and long term targets that will bring the most visitors to the website balanced against the competition of other websites. With this in hand, our team optimises your website to ensure every page listing in search engines has the best chance of capturing a visitor.

Our offsite strategy explores your backlink profile, and identifies opportunities to improve backlinks, citations or valuable local listings.

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