Things we Gone and Found – Part 9

Things we gone and found – Part 9

We LOVE finding fun and exciting resources and websites at BLT as we always see it as a learning opportunity. This is why we share these quirky findings with you guys to take you on a journey through the internet with us. (Woooo!)

Introducing Things we gone and found – Edition 9!

It Is About Time

It is about time

Past, Present and Future make up the time in our day. A simple design alongside a beautiful poem makes you remember how valuable time really is… So stop procrastinating!

The Typing Cat

The Typing Cat

Stop typing with just your index fingers, and start getting all your fingers involved in the keyboard action with The Typing Cat. Follow the letters as quick as possible, and you’ll be a pro in no time 🐱

Cardboard Box Office

Cardboard Box Office

If you’re thinking of what to do for your next Family Photo opportunity, then maybe you should have a look at the Cardboard Box office. Damn, they got creative with their versions of film scenes.



Don’t ya just love making forms? Because with TypeForm, it’s a super easy and waaaaaay more fun than the usual check box form.

Print Ads

Print Ads of 2017

Getting creative is a way to stand out from your competitors and as we’re coming to the end of 2017, here is a little bit of inspiration from the past few years for your next advert.

Bringing the X-mas spirit!

Remote Starter Kit

Remote Starter Kit

Thinking about ‘working from home’ this Christmas? The Remote Starter Kit has LOADS of resources for you and your colleagues to download at home to keep in touch over the holidays.
Ideal for making sure you actually work, rather than eating all the Christmas Cookies…

Have you learnt some new websites and resources today? Whether it’s from us or the depths of the internet – Let us know what you’ve found on our Social Media pages which are in the footer below! 👇