Things we Gone and Found – Part 10

Things we gone and found – Part 10

Welcome to 2018, where we carry on diving through all the questionable, but fun, resources, micro-sites and applications. A new year means another new Things we Gone and Found – double digit 10!

Draw a Stickman

Draw a Stickman

Everyone has drawn a stick man at least once in their life, so Draw a Stickman lets your drawing come to life in short clips



Become mesmerised whilst AxiDraw, a writing and drawing machine, leaves you transfixed with its perfectly neat work



Many New Year resolutions include learning a new hobby, such as a new language. Duolingo is a perfect free tool to help you achieve this. Diviértete!

Moments of Happiness

Moments of happiness

Procrastination is not recommended, but this animated microsite involves cute isometric animals that you can interact with 🐟🐥🦁

2d to 3d

2D to 3D 

Who knew that a bit of paper and pen can go a long way? This artist has created some clever illusions with simple illustrations

Start of 2018



Rather than be sad about the January sales coming to an end, take a look at Voucher Codes which brings you the discounts from high street shops to restaurants and cafes 🛍☕🍴