Things we Gone and Found – Part 12

Things we Gone and Found – Part 12

Searching through the weird and funky websites served up by search engines, we come across some very helpful resources for our industry, or quirky websites which make us question its entire existence… Read our Things we Gone and Found Part 12 to be amazed and educated.

Video Editing Apps 2018

If you’re making a quick video, either for business purposes or just for fun and don’t want to pay out for expensive software to edit the footage, take a look at these highly ranked FREE video editing tools of 2018.

Video Editing apps 2018

Healthy Food Swaps

Having long passed the January resolutions of healthy living, many people experience a slip in their eating habits. We’re not promoting the “summer bod”, but Maddie is very keen on healthy eating, so here are some suggestions on simple food swaps to keep you eating healthy throughout the year! (P.S. you can still treat yourself to whatever food, just in moderation) 🥗>🍕 🍓>🍩

Healthy food swaps

Forest Stay Focused Be Present

If you’re looking for an incentive to keep focused on work and to stop procrastinating, then maybe you could try planting some trees… Okay, not in real life, but this mobile application lets you plant a tree and all the time you don’t use your phone in your designated  it will grow! But if you use your phone, your poor tree will wither.🌳
(Available for IOS, Android, Chrome)


Cadbury Builder

This is a VERY important site for all the chocoholics! Cadburys has built a landing page that allows us to create and submit our own chocolate bar. Whether you add a sprinkling of pecans or an interesting mix of three random toppings, you can send it to Cadbury in the hopes of your chocolate bar being chosen to buy in shops! 🍫

Cadbury Builder

Gallery Of Emerging Species

Play-doh is an extremely awesome, yet underrated toy. You can let your imagination go wild and create absolutely anything, all using some weird, thick, gooey substance.. Sounds fun right?
To help children find inspiration for their own creations, Play-doh has launched a new online campaign called the “Gallery of Emerging Species” which features a comical line-up of fictional creatures handcrafted from their modelling clay.

Gallery of Emerging Species

Get ready for Summer!

Summer In The Office

Is the thought of being stuck in the office during the warm weather getting you down? Take a quick look at these suggestions on how to change your work routine to feel like you’re enjoying the summer (yes, even at work!).

Summer in the office