Things we Gone and Found – Part 13

Things we Gone and Found – Part 13

Lucky number 13! 🎉

We hope you are all enjoying our awesome series and are entertained by the random websites, quirky resources and funky apps we find. The internet provides some truly wonderful things, so please get comfy and enjoy part 13 of Things we Gone and Found!

Trendy Gradients on the Web

Trendy Gradients in Web Design

Block colours are so 2017! Gradients are a huge design trend that can currently be found on many leading websites and they are sooooo nice to look at. There are many different styles of gradient to choose from – check out this extensive list compiled by awwwards…

Trendy Gradients

Animal Snaps

Animal Snaps

Snapchat is the perfect platform to take pictures of things and add a funny caption. This hilarious collection of Snapchat images focuses on creatures of all shapes and sizes, because everybody loves a funny animal!

Animal Snaps


HTML Cheatsheet

HTML Cheat Sheet

New to HTML? Check out this handy cheat sheet which lists all the HTML elements/tags and how they’re used.

HTML cheat sheet


World's Fastest Mobility Scooter

World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

Just incase you were wondering how fast a mobility scooter can go, watch this video of inventor Colin Furze creating his own high-powered version that goes a little bit faster than the average 4mph.

World’s fastest mobility scooter


OUIGO Pinball

OUIGO Pinball

A beautiful yet fun piece of web design that we recently stumbled across is this pinball machine game by Rosapark agency for the French low-cost railway service Ouigo. To find out more about how the went about creating it, read this case study on the project!

OUIGO Pinball


Lets get spooky!

Best Halloween Apps

Halloween is coming up, and we love all things scary at team Tank (means we can wear all black). So to get you in the scary spirit, here are the best Mobile apps for you to play, both free and paid 🧟☠🧛

The Best Halloween Apps