Why do I need a discovery workshop?

Why do I need a discovery workshop?

We’ve all heard the old saying “measure twice, cut once” and while it may sound like a cliché, in the business world this can be the difference between success or failure. Choosing to jump straight into the deep end or not predicting potential pitfalls could doom your project right from the very start.

There are many reasons we dive straight into a project rather than taking the time to plan ahead; we often feel under pressure to get a project completed, added research is an additional cost or we think we know everything about the project already.

Next time you’re taking on a new project, take a minute and think – could you afford for a project to overrun? Are you sure you’ve covered all aspects that could arise, or can you afford not to get this right? If not, then maybe it’s time you considered a discovery workshop.

What is a discovery workshop?

A discovery workshop is an important aspect of business and digital planning, it asks the important questions and ensures that everyone understands your core business values to deliver the best project to represent your brand. A successful discovery workshop allows everyone sitting at the table to feel the same passion as you do and understand the drive behind your business ideas whilst also tapping into our extensive knowledge and experience in the technology and design industry to anticipate potential challenges or difficulties before they arise, thinking of a plan B before it is even needed, minimising the time and cost spent on those ideas that could turn out not to be viable.

Objectives not just deliverables

We work with you to explore the purpose and goals of your site so we look at who will be using your digital product, what they want to get from it, what you want to offer them, what journey they will undertake to get to their desired  goal – we map all of this information and use it as the foundation for every decision made around design or user experience from thereon. Specific focus is given to the flows that are integral to your user’s success and satisfaction within your digital product, this helps us to better understand their goals and their experience along the way, we can anticipate specific pain points along the way and design your site to overcome these before they become an issue and deliver a more seamless experience to the user and increasing conversion.

A discovery workshop in process

It can be the breakthrough or ‘fresh set of eyes’ that your business needs…

The outcome of your discovery workshop will be a clear understanding of the building blocks for your project collaboratively we will have investigated and identified the drivers for your product or service and your users. We have a defined any idea of the technology that will need to be integrated and how this can be delivered, along with a better idea of what challenges could threaten the success of your project and plans for how those can be avoided. It’s not possible to see into the future, but a discovery workshop is the next best thing, it allows us to project the flow of your business and to identify previously unforeseen challenges down the line, designing the best solution possible way ahead of it ever happening, keeping your project on track.

No idea too big or too small

A discovery workshop doesn’t just have to be for new businesses or start-ups, it can be the breakthrough or ‘fresh set of eyes’ that your business needs to move a complex project on to the next stages, or it can be the brainstorming session that ensures your product or service goes from being delivered locally to nationwide and that you are maximising your customer reach.

Our discovery sessions are engaging with no idea being too big or too small. We are completely committed to understanding what makes your business unique and what makes it stand out from all the rest; even if you haven’t quite refined that part yet, we can help you define these areas to quickly reach your business potential.

“If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?”

Basil S. Walsh

Set your project up for success

A discovery workshop reduces uncertainty, it ensures that everyone working on your project is working to ensure the greatest chance of success possible.

  • Less Time and Money – A discovery workshop is much more likely to save you time and money that could potentially be wasted on unsuccessful avenues of a project, it ensures that you redirect your money and focus into the areas of your business that it is really needed.
  • A better framework – Successful advanced planning ensures that a robust plan is in place to ensure that you are continuously working towards your business goals and never deviate.
  • You are the expert – A clear idea of your business goals and strategies ensures that we can support you to create a tailored plan driven by your business vision and our industry knowledge.
  • Anticipate difficulties – Better planning in the initial stages can decrease the likelihood of encountering challenges down the line.
  • Better solutions – Understanding the goals in depth and drivers behind the project will enable better solutions than just being given initial solutions. Solutions that could be cheaper or faster.
No idea too big or too small

No idea too big or too small

When is the right time to complete a discovery workshop?

A discovery workshop can be completed at any project or business stage and can be particularly useful for refocussing or refining your business strategies and goals, it can help redefine that project that is proving difficult to move on or broaden your customer base. That being said, the optimal time to start planning for success is right from the very start, ensuring that every step taken is one towards your business goal always in the right direction. A discovery workshop allows us to help you meet your goals such as increasing conversions or generating more leads, it ensures a user centred design that allows them to move through your site with ease and without frustration and allows a global understanding of what decisions are being made and why –  it allows us communicate perfectly with each other to understand what you need and how we can deliver that.

How long does the workshop last?

Every workshop is completely tailored around your business and no workshop is the same so the duration is completely dependent on the scope of the project required. Typically, our average workshop lasts between 5 hours to 3 days, these can be split into manageable bites over the course of that time but will generally be intensive meetings of gathering information and planning. The meetings tend to be structured and tend to be attended by business decision makers, stakeholders, investors and some businesses may choose to extend their sessions and include their own user focus groups.

But isn’t it just yet another cost?

Yes, but it’s an important one, every cost incurred by your business is an investment and is the next step towards increasing your business revenue or expanding your customer base.

We offer a standalone discovery workshop which gives you an insight into all the business advice, ideas and insider knowledge that you need to make the important decisions. There is no commitment to continue with us managing your project, however if you do choose to go ahead and use our services, we will deduct the cost from your total project – it’s a win, win situation.

If you’re unsure of whether your business needs a discovery workshop or you would like to arrange one, we would be more than happy to have that discussion, just get in touch by making an online enquiry or call us on 0333 121 2013