Engage your audience through Carousel Adverts

Facebook Carousel

Facebook recently introduced an engaging new way of promoting your products, services and brand – Carousel Ads.

These adverts allow companies to show multiple images rather than just one, allowing them to highlight their latest products, or additional services. According to statistics from Digiday UK, consumers are 10 times more likely to click-through on a Carousel Ad, compared to a static ad. The new adverts create less clutter and introduce more engaging visuals, enabling more audience interactivity on both desktop and mobile.

What do they look like?

Carousel Ads can be used in a variety of ways, taking advantage of the ad layout. Here are just some of the great ways companies have used this innovative new format so far.

Tesco Carousel Advert

Tesco Carousel Advert


Here is a simple example of how Carousel Ads can be used to form a tutorial. Supermarket giant Tesco took advantage of this method, using the images and descriptions as a step-by-step guide on decorating a chocolate sponge cake with colourful chocolate buttons. Enforcing the brand association in the final image with a link, encourages the audience to click through to the site for more information.

Savage Race Carousel Advert

Savage Race Carousel Advert

Banner image

Another example of a Carousel Ad format is shown here by Savage Race. (An event that tests a person’s endurance and physical strength, whilst going up against difficult obstacles, and apparently getting as muddy as possible!) Their Carousel Ad is in the style of a banner image which has been cut into segments. The audience scroll through to reveal more of the image and reach the Call to Action button, which encourages them to sign up – having seen how much fun they can have.

We Work Carousel Advert

We Work Carousel Advert

Mix things up

WeWork used their Carousel Ad to show their audience the different services they have on offer. Using a series of images, they set the scene for the promotion of their unique office spaces. Keeping each image completely individual can suit the interests of multiple audiences, and encourages the curiosity of viewers to scroll through the ad.

Now it’s your turn

Carousel Ads are available on Facebook and Instagram, why not try using them to promote your brand, using your best images to grab attention!

Some recommendations from Facebook:

  • Image Size – 1,080 x 1,080 pixels
  • Image Ratio – 1:1
  • Text – 90 characters
  • Headline – 40 characters
  • Link Description – 20 characters
  • Images are not to include more than 20% text

If you need some help creating your ad, we are just a phone call away. We also provide a range of other Social Media Advertising services to suit your company.