How to use Snapchat’s 3D filters, the right way!

As one of the leading Social Media Networks, Snapchat is always keen to stay at the top of their game – especially with competitors, Facebook and Instagram, now including the ‘Stories’ trend on their apps.
Snapchat 3D filters allow users to add 3D images, text and icons into their surroundings. It means you can bring bright colours and fun text into your images, creating more interesting content.

The filters are updated daily to keep users engaged with the application, and if you have a Bitmoji, these can also be included in your day-to-day snaps.

How it works?

For businesses, it means you can incorporate more humour into your snaps and help build relationships with your followers. Even if it is just a quick snap in the office, the cartoons show a fun side to your company!

You could use the new filters to show a glimpse behind the scenes, let people see a sneak peek of a new product, or show the faces behind your brand.

Maddie and Coffee
Disco Mushroom

If you are new to Snapchat, just follow these simple steps to include the filters into your Snapchat story;

  1. Open up Snapchat and place the camera on rear-view. Make sure there is some of the floor showing in the image.
  2. Tap once and a row of circle filters will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  3. The first set of filters (usually first 4), are the newest filters. Swipe across and take a look at the variety.
  4. Once one is selected, tap on a section on the floor for the icon to appear. Hold and drag to move it closer or further away. You can also tap around the floor to simply move the icon. (don’t tap the icon though)
  5. To change the first icon that appears, simply tap the icon to go through the options and then choose one which matches your image.

Snapchat provides helpful hand icons to guide you through the new filters on your first go, so what are you waiting for?