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How does your website benefit from having an SSL Certificate?

Improves SEO

Search Engines such as Google now consider SSL certified organisations in their search rankings which will improve SEO and could put you ahead of your competitor.

Establishes trust with visitors

Customers will trust your certified, secure company and website, which will increase loyalty from customers.

Required for Online Payments

If you want to take payments on your website from customers using PayPal, Stripe or another payment processor, you need an SSL Certificate for your website.

Secure Browsing

Personal data is kept secure between servers and browsers.

Understanding the SSL Certificate

As with most things, SSL certificates come in a few different forms. Each provides a different level of certification, but most businesses will be best suited to Organisation Validated.

Domain Validated

The Certificate only verifies the domain name, not your company. The Certificate Authority will provide a file to be placed within the website. This can be issued almost immediately.

Note: This type should never be used for commercial purposes.

Organization Validated

Both your business and domain will be will be verified by the Certificate Authority, providing the Secure padlock and HTTPS protocol. This is the most common certificate as it provides the best security and trust at a reasonable price. This certificate is issued within 2 days.

Extended Validation

Extra documentation about the business are needed for this certificate, and guidelines are set by the Certificate Authority for the server. The company name is listed in the certificate, and the organization will show in the address bar. The functions are similar to the Organization Validated Certificate, and takes around 10 business days to issue.

The Complete Guide to SSL Certificates

The Complete Guide to SSL Certificates

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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates are small data files which creates a secure connection between a client's browser and the server. In this case, the server would be your website and is verified by the issuing Certificate Authority.

When the SSL is installed on a web server, it activates a padlock and the HTTPS protocol, which allows a secure connection between the browser and server.

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