4 common mistakes you’re making on your website

4 Common Mistakes you're making on your website

Your website is your most vital online tool, it’s your key opportunity to engage with your visitors.

If you’re not getting results you were hoping,  you’ve probably made a few common website mistakes. Fortunately, we can guide you to correct these problems and point you in the right direction for higher conversions and stronger brand awareness.

Let’s look at the 4 most common mistakes businesses make.

Your design doesn't reflect your brand

1. Your design doesn’t reflect your brand

Many people fall into thinking that a brand is all about the logo, however there is so much more to a company’s brand than just that.  Along with the colours, typography and imagery, your brand should have a story or the ‘why’.

Successful brands all have a meaning behind each part of their branding to reinforce the message they want to portray to the audience. If any part of your website is just there because ‘it looks pretty’ then you need to re-evaluate and consider changing it… pronto.

Avoid themes, at all costs. Sure, they’re cheap, quick and easy to get up online but themes are built to cater for a wide audience. They’re not optimised for your business, they don’t embody your brand. Hire a design professional, who can work with you to create a bespoke website that reflects your business in it’s best light.

You missed your target

2. You missed your target market

The internet is a vast and expansive space that can reach virtually every person on the planet. There are many who get tempted into trying to reach everyone. By being too broad and unfocused you miss the target.

Understanding who your audience is and how to cater for them is vital. Not only does your design need to appeal to them, but all the elements of your site especially the content. If you’re an architect that targets the education sector, you need to make sure your site appeals to that market. Build clean, focused and relevant content that connects with your audience and you’ll start to see your business grow.

Information Overload

3. Information overload

Overwhelming your visitors with information, especially on your homepage, doesn’t help sell your products, services or brand. Too much data can be off putting and in many cases slow down the ability for someone to make a decision. The more you try and cram into a space the more your call to actions get buried.

Imagine two customers walk into a supermarket, they’re both offered tasting samples for some new cheeses. The first customer is offered 3 different samples. Yet the second customer is offered 12 different types of cheese, 2 complimenting wines and 4 types of crackers.  Which customer do you think is going to make the quickest decision to buy?

Less is more. Quality over quantity. By providing focused, simple, clear points of information and a quick call to action is going to make it easy for your visitors to understand what you do, what you’re offering and why they need to act now.

Your content is stale

4. Your content is stale

Fresh content is a search engine’s yearning. Users love new content, people love new things to look at, read and share. By not updating your content, your visitors will get the impression you don’t care anymore and in turn, they’ll stop caring about you. Your website’s ranking will also drop pretty quickly if your site sits and turns stale.

Updating your site is simple and inexpensive. By updating a blog or posting articles weekly with interesting and relevant content will help boost your website rankings. Although adding keywords for SEO (a whole different kettle of fish) is important, don’t just stuff your articles full of them for sake of it, it still needs to be readable. People that enjoy your content will keep coming back, share it amongst their peers and become familiar with your brand as you grow.


Final Thoughts

Although these are 4 of the most common mistakes people make on their website, there are plenty more. Some might be a quick fix but others could take a little longer.
Give us a call and we will arrange an exclusive audit and consultation for your business website. We’ll discuss with you any areas that can be improved for immediate results and provide long term recommendations.