Mailchimp is improving the small business world for free

Mailchimp’s free email automations are a game-changer for small businesses!

If you’re not familiar with MailChimp, you probably should be. With 15 million customers, it’s the world’s largest marketing automation platform.

When Mailchimp started out, their advanced marketing tools were only available for paying account holders. However, in a bold move, they have now made all their automated email marketing tools available for free.

Yes, I said free.

Why should you use email automation?

Automation doesn’t have to mean a big, multi-email campaign. It could be as simple as automating one email that you previously sent to each customer manually. But just imagine how much time that could save!

You can set specific criteria to trigger automated emails. For example, an automated welcome message for customers when they first sign up. Or, an email encouraging customers to return if they haven’t purchased in a certain time-frame.

Email automation is regularly used in this way in the E-Commerce sector. However, customer retention and engagement are key factors in any industry, and trigger emails are very effective in bringing customers back to your business.

Common examples of automated emails:

  • Welcome after first purchase
  • Follow up on purchases
  • Request product reviews
  • Send order notifications
  • Recover abandoned carts
  • Discount codes for regular customers
  • Further product suggestions

What does Mailchimp gain from this?

Mailchimp say their mission has always been, “to help small businesses grow by democratising powerful marketing tools that are often reserved for large enterprises.”

What better way to do this, than make these advanced services free, right?

Well, (if we’re being cynical) free account users will inevitably hit their 2,000 maximum subscriber limit more quickly with automated emails, therefore they will actually need to transfer to a paid account much sooner.

But, all in all, it’s still an awesome feature – especially for free, and a very effective way to engage with customers, so why not make the most of it.

Need help with your email marketing?

Whilst it’s great that these services are now available for everyone, sometimes we all need a bit of advice from the experts.

If you’re having trouble with your email marketing campaigns, why not give us a call on 0333 121 2013, email:, or give us the lowdown in live chat!