Who Is Our Dazzling New Developer?

Junior web developer

Like we said, who are you?

Hi, my name is Viktoras and I am the new junior web developer at Brave Little Tank.

From an early age I have been a constructor, and loved to play with my Lego blocks. I enjoyed modifying things and making them work better (or taking them apart to find out how they worked, and later reassembled with some parts missing – oops 😄).

These qualities have helped me tremendously throughout my learning because programming is actually a similar process –  I build logic and make things work with little blocks of code.

I tend to focus on details and analyse things to look for reasons why they work the way they do. I guess that’s why no one likes watching movies with me.

Why BLT Digital Agency?

Sean, Chris, Steve and Maddie are experts of their fields and it is a privilege and great opportunity for me to learn in this kind of environment and set high standards for the work I do.

Additionally, being in a small team and working with big clients means I can bring a lot of value to BLT, and not become just a cog in a machine.

More about you!

Staying healthy and fit is very important to me. I am a frequent gym go-er, just so I can try to work off my obsession; 🍕 pizza’s and sweets 🍬

I am a huge basketball fan as it is the most popular sport in my home country Lithuania. I follow the latest news and scores and you can even find me on the court in summer shooting hoops (another great way to stay fit).

The most recent hobby of mine is growing avocado plants – one day I would love to sit in my garden in the shade of the trees that I planted.

Any future goals?

Currently my goal is to soak up as much information as possible in my junior web developer role, and keep improving my skills and learning new technologies. In a year or two I would like to become a full stack developer, learn MERN stack and build bespoke projects.