Things we gone and found – Part 5

From helpful resources to the funniest apps, we’re always discovering new and interesting things.

We come across all sorts of fun stuff when we’re online, some of it’s even useful! Then we put it all together so we can share it with you. Here’s the latest Things we Gone and Found this month on the weird and wonderful web. 

Weave Silk

If you don’t see yourself as a ‘creative’ type, why not have a go at Weave Silk. You can make beautiful, colourful patterns just by the move of your mouse. You don’t need an artistic bone in your body, but be warned, it is very addictive.

Shape Type

Think you’re a typography talent…how well do you really know those letter forms? Shape Type tests your knowledge by challenging you to tweak letters to see how close you can get to the original.

The Uncomfortable

The art of inconvenience has been brought to a whole new level by architect Katerina Kamprani. She re-designs everyday objects retaining their original purpose but making them decidedly uncomfortable to use. Making everyday objects awkward – this stuff will mess with your mind.


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t find cat videos hi-laaaa-rious, it’s pretty much what the internet was made for! So sit back, relax, and be amused by various cat GIFs played alongside a random song. Keep yourself entertained with some very cool cats.

Transplants for Toys

This cute website has a serious message. Second Life toys aims to help their audience understand the importance of organ donation, especially in their native country of Japan where organ transplant numbers are particularly low. They repair the broken toys to show how, with the help of a donor, the unique new characters created can continue to be loved and played with, and in many cases are even better than before.


Trying to shop for a certain item online – but hate switching between a load of different sites? Mallzee allows you to personalise your fashion search, tailoring it by whatever you’re looking for, and specifically the brands you most enjoy. The app will then bring together all the items, saving you the hassle of switching between websites. A great time saver, and a very clever idea.

January special stuffffff

Dry January – Alcohol Concern

If you’re giving your liver a much needed break, and need help getting through Dry January, then Alcohol Concern has helper kits, calendars and posters to keep you motivated through your sober month.