Why you need to start creating content outside your niche!

Creating Content Outside Your Niche

As a company, committing to a niche area is important. Your audience is already refined to the services you offer, so any related content will likely be interesting to them. However, creating content outside your niche is a great way to show your followers that you are aware of new advances within the wider industry. It allows your company’s personality to shine and gives a digital presence outside your niche.

Widen your audience reach

Widen Your Audience Reach

If you’re constantly posting blog after blog on a very specific industry area, you’re going to get boring! Some followers may enjoy reading about every new method in email marketing, but chances are, churning out content which is too similar isn’t going to excite your audience. They may not re-blog if their followers aren’t in the same industry.

Writing different types of material can help your business, as you’re not limiting your content to the same niche. We started our Things we Gone and Found series as a way to allow a wider audience to take an interest in what we post, since the post holds a variety of different resources and websites that can benefit anyone.

Increase Social Media engagement

Content marketing is great for audiences to view and interact with blogs. Re-posting can maximise the number of social users who see them, and choosing a content marketing platform which tracks the engagement is helpful for future blog posts. This includes determining the style of blog posts that users on a social media site are attracted to so you achieve maximum engagement.

Having more followers gives you a larger promotional drive for your on-topic content.

Introducing readers to new ideas

Introducing Readers to New Ideas

Your loyal readers will stick by you as they like your content. However, your readers might find other content surrounding your niche interesting and understand your vast knowledge within your industry. We make sure our blog posts interest a variety of users in the digital marketing industry. As an example, if you are an ecommerce retailer whose niche focuses on bridal gowns, you can still create blog posts which are related to the industry. This includes targeting bride-to-be’s, hen party ideas or suggestions of the best type of buffet food for a wedding.

Making it different can let readers see that you understand your whole industry, not just your niche.

Get personal

Going off-topic also gives you the opportunity to share more about yourself/your company. A little personality goes a long way and will make your content more interesting. Now, before you go mad writing about content that in no way relates back to your core business, plan out the possible routes you can take for blog content. This can include a fun series which happens every month to break up your usual content, or if your company is involved in an event. Think about why the audience should read your blog and take interest and expresses your company in a new way.

Expand your skills

Expand Your Skills

Writing content outside of your niche forces you to improve your writing and researching skills. You would need to link the topics back to your niche, making it relevant to your current audience as well as gaining interest from new followers. Your content marketing strategy will benefit immensely as you can take new approaches and learn the tools to become a better blogger.

Need to know where to start?

If you’re looking at your blogs and thinking they’re all the same, then we can help you freshen up your content. Give us a call, pop your details in our enquiry form, or ping us an email to [email protected] to discuss where your content should be heading.