Run successful Email marketing campaigns for your subscribers

Run Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

You probably experience the same issue that you don’t want your subscribers facing – endless, repetitive emails that are instantly deleted. How can you stand out from your competitors in your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Thankfully, there are some helpful tips that can help your emails grab the attention and follow through with the clicks (and conversions)…

Mobiles are leading the way.

Many subscribers are now checking their emails on-the-go thanks to mobile devices, as “54% of email are now opened on a mobile device(Litmus, March 2017). Viewers don’t have time to read endless page-long texts on 1 product or service. Keep it short and simple and why they should be interested in purchasing above your competitors. 

Don’t overcrowd the page with multiple images as the slower rendering speed can cause subscribers to get bored of waiting. Use call-to-actions to direct users as it will stand out from standard linked text, and make sure that the text is small enough, so the subscribers don’t have to scroll for an eternity.

Subject lines shouldn’t be secrets

You need to take time to create the best of the best subject lines to stand out in an inbox. If it’s not eye-catching, then subscribers are going to hit that delete button. Keep them short and sweet, but make sure you tell them what you’re offering. Mysterious subject lines won’t get them engaged to open the email. Numbers and emoji’s are most engaging as they stand out from the rest of the text.

A great way of deciding Subject lines is to A/B split test to find out the more engaging subject line for your subscribers.

Slow and steady

If you think you are trying too hard to push out email content, then you need to re-think your strategy and how often you are marketing. Yes, it is important to be relevant, but constantly emailing to your subscribers can come across as spammy, resulting in unsubscribers and fewer email opens. Give them what they want based on your subscribers interests when they sign up, even a weekly email can satisfy their needs.

Know when your subscribers are active

Timing your email campaigns is very important if you want your subscribers to open. Sending it when subscribers are commuting to or from work is not ideal, or choosing a day when they are most busy (typically a monday). You need to know whether your subscribers are mobile or desktop openers, as this can determine when you send your emails. Desktop users are usually more engaged mid-morning, in-comparison to mobile users who open emails around mid-afternoon. Just before hometime!

Don’t be boring

Keeping the emails fun and engaging is a must. Regardless whether you’re an eCommerce store or not, you don’t have to keep churning out similar content to the last email. Think about any events or seasons that can become relevant to your business and relate to them in an entertaining way.

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Need help?

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