Website design trends 2022

Website Design Trends 2022

Every year, digital agencies across the globe put together articles which list their predicted upcoming trends for the year ahead.  

Yes, this is one of those lists. 

Creativity has been at an all-time high this past year despite many of us who had been locked away for most of it, but we’re excited to show our favourite web design trends for 2022! 

Heros without images 

Many designers are opting to craft hero sections and landing pages that speak with colour or typography rather than relying on photographs or illustrations. This helps focus on the content and style of the website to communicate strong brand identity, rather than any distracting photography. 

A popular style of homepage that follows the no images trend includes bold gradient colours, joyful interactions and eccentric typography. 


Designing without images on the homepage can often lead to a quite minimal aesthetic but including gradient background colours can fill out that space and add depth. 

Fluid gradients, from vibrant graphics to blurred backgrounds have been gradually on the rise and mixing this with oversized typography ensures the text isn’t lost amongst the bold colours. 


Multitone gradient effects are making a comeback and Monograph brings a playful, bold colour choice to their website whilst combining strong typography to add contrast. 


No images? No problem. Antara fills out their white space with minimal soft gradients, and the earth tones helps keep the mood of the website calming and flowing. 

If you need some inspiration for homepage gradients, we recommend CSS Gradients, which you can visit from here!

Oversized Text Headers 

Designers are pushing the limits of well-known typography hierarchy, and making typography oversized to really grab your attention. Oversized text can help reflect your brand identity, help make your website memorable, improve user experience and can set the tone for the rest of the website. Whether you want to appear sophisticated or rebellious, your opening typography can be as decorative as you wish! 


Kirifuda pairs playfulness through their handwritten font with the boldness of the solid serif font.  The design remains minimal thanks to the monotone pallet. This style shows you don’t need to rely on imagery or animations, because the dual fonts are captivating enough. 

David Calle

Keeping the spotlight on the most important information, David Calle uses his oversized decorative text against a neutral background to show that imagery isn’t always necessary. 

Animated Typography 

Over the last few years, many designers are combining oversized typography and animation to create an interactive and enticing website. 

As a rule, for this style of animation, keeping it simple but immersive is crucial to not deflect the intent of the website. The animation is a bonus to the message the website is portraying. 

Green Chameleon

Green Chameleon uses animated typography to firstly shows off their selling point of brand experiences which is combines with an abstract animated image to bring a pop of colour to the black and white homepage. The text flows from white to outlined to give a glimpse of the full text, before spreading across the screen to fill out the blank spaces surrounding the image. 


Covering all aspects of their services, Fireart uses animated typography to address their customer base through various statements on the homepage and engage their users. Keeping it black and simple in a ‘typing’ style, it doesn’t distract the users from the text flow. 


The internet is proving that it’s not just clothing that goes out and back into fashion – like Doc Martins boots or flared trousers. When re-invented with modern day trends and knowledge, it can happen to anything, and even website designs are getting a taste of the retro style. 


The 90’s website designs were bold, and when you mix these funky, retro pallets with beautiful user experiences, you get great results. Cockta is a great example of combining the retro typewrite fonts and the classic 90’s yellow and blue which is bold enough to grab attention, but not too overpowering. 


Taking the branding back to the retro roots, block colours hues are more muted than bright on the Taster website to imitate the printing capabilities back in the day, which was very much solid colours. 


Robby Leonardi

Interactive elements has always been included within websites through micro-interactions, but Robby Leonardi took their interactive website to the next level by taking inspiration from the classic Super Mario 2D game. This is a great way of showcasing your design and development skills, whilst keeping interviewers engaged in your colourful CV. 

Split Screen 

Split screen website designs became popular 2016/2017 and provided quality aesthetics to navigate users to specific parts of the screen to encourage engagement. This trend is steadily on the rise, thanks to its ability to bring information to the user above the fold and is an excellent choice for mobile rendering as smaller screen panels can easily be stacked. 

Project Shift

A split-screen design isn’t simply chopped in half; many designers experiment with asymmetrical splits that add slightly extra weight to one side. This helps draw the eye across content in a distinct way and shift visual focus to key content first. 

Growers Soil

A great way to show off your products but keep your website clean and professional. Grower’s showcase allows users to peek into their physical products whilst giving an option to learn more about that product. We also love that all the information is central within the split and allow the whitespace to make the page feel not so cluttered. 

Line Art 

Line art is an Illustration style which has been popular for a few years thanks to the minimalist style which helps incorporate more space and simplicity to a website. Line art could be through the form of icons and digital designs, or through more personal hand-drawn elements. 


Many designers’ illustrations to help re-enforce emotions or tell a story. Nucleus are the heroes of their story through a hand-drawn comic book inspired line illustration which helps showcase the benefits that they can provide their clients. 

Ivy Connection

Line designs can be used to simply add some clean graphics to a website to help fill out the whitespace. IvyConnection does this beautifully by complimenting the designs with pastel colours to keep the designs light and ensures the content is the focus. 

Brimstone UXO

Using line graphics to add texture and dimension to a website is a great way to bring attention to a specific section. Brimstone makes use of Linear design patterns to emphasise their services, and using the simple linework blends the black background with the design. 


Scrollytelling is a trending method for turning long form content into an interactive, engaging experience. The scroll-based navigation is simple to use and users don’t need to press, click or swipe to access the story, and mixing animations and quirky graphics that moves with the scroll, users are willing to stay on the page longer and fully invest with the story. 

There is a slight drawback with Scrollytelling that may need some caution – Having an overload of large media playing at once could slow down the loading speed and impact the flow and experience of the scrollytelling. 


If you’re looking for a website that tells a story and has interactive hover elements, JanuaryThird keeps users engaged in their business overview of 2021 by adding media, text changes and animation. 

Badass Project

Using scroll-only navigation down the page, Badass is a great example of having the media elements appear once the user has reached a certain point down the webpage. The bright yellow background and bold black typography stands out from other photography websites to grab attention from those who are looking for a service a bit more outside of the box. 

The Year Ahead 

Although our list is full of our predicted trends that we are seeing around the web, it doesn’t mean these are set in stone for 2022. 

As we have seen through the last couple of years, anything can happen at any time, but if you are looking for some new inspiration for a website design, these elements are a great place to start. Also, if you need any help with deciding what direction your website should take, our design and development team has great experience with the latest website features. 

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